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Hybrid contact lens fittings

Technology has come a long way since the first contact lenses were fitted in 1887. Back then the lenses were made of glass and covered the whole eye. They were uncomfortable and downright dangerous and had the potential to cause many ocular problems if fitted or worn incorrectly.

We now fit and use silicone hydrogel soft contact lenses on the vast majority of contact lens wearers and occasionally still fit hard lenses. Each has its own benefits and downfalls. Soft lenses are more comfortable, easier to fit and are overall more dynamic whereas hard lenses provide more oxygen flow to the eye, give clearer visual acuity (when fitted correctly) and can be used when a script is difficult to correct with soft contact lenses (high astigmats and people with corneal disorders such as kerataconus). Hard lenses do require more upkeep and are less comfortable than soft lenses.

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The latest progression in contact lenses has been the development of what is called a hybrid lens. This is a lens which is a combination of hard and soft contact lenses. The lens is engineered in such a way that the central hard part of the lens can provide the clearest possible vision while the outer ‘skirt’; made from silicone hydrogel, allows for fantastic comfort and stability. These lenses were developed for the patient who wants the clearest, most stable contact lens option available and is ideal for those with high astigmatic scripts, irregular corneal topography, and ocular disorders which may in the past have excluded them from being able to attempt contact lens wear.

In order to get the best vision with these lenses, it may take one or more appointments to establish the ideal lens. During the initial appointments, multiple lenses are fitted until we find the ideal lens for the individual eye. By using a corneal topographer we are able to map the front surface of the eye and select the most appropriate lens to begin the fitting process. Once an endpoint is reached the lens will be ordered. From here we schedule an appointment to go over the correct contact lens procedure and basics will be covered such as; how to insert and remove the lenses, how to clean and care for the lenses as well as basic do’s and don’ts of contact lens wear.For more on Ultrahealth and Duet lenses follow the attached link http://www.synergeyes.com/